Sr.No Websites/Portal Name Websites link
1 IKG PTU Website
2 Student Support Portal
3 IKG PTU Examination Portal
4 IKG PTU Docs Portal
5 IKG PTU Ph.D portal
6 PTU Foerign Languages website
7 IKGPTU Alumni Portal
8 IKGPTU Centralized Admissions Portal
9 IKGPTU Jobs Portal
10 IKGPTU College Development Portal
11 IKGPTU Distance Education Portal
12 IKGPTU Distance Education Exam Portal
13 IKGPTU Main Campus (internal Data Portal)
14 IKGPTU Distance Admission portal
University Campuse's websites
15 IKGPTU Main Campus
16 IKGPTU Amritsar Campus
17 IKGPTU Mohali-I Campus
18 IKGPTU Mohali-II Campus
19 IKGPTU Hoshiarpur Campus
20 IKGPTU Sultanpur Campus




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