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1 Journal of Consumer Research Activated
2 Journal of Marketing  Activated
3 Journal of Marketing Resarch  Activated
4 Economic and Political Weekly Activated
5 Foreign Trade Review Activated
6 Journal of Creating Value Activated
7 Journal of Human Value Activated
8 Mass Communicator: International Journal of Communication Studies Activated
9 Metamorphosis Activated
10 Vikalpa - The Journla for Decision Makers Activated
11 Journal of Management Research  Activated
12 Global Business Review Activated

Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective 

14 Singapore Economic Review Activated
15 The Engineering Economist Review Activated
16 Journal of Service Research Activated
17 Journal of Management Activated
18 Journal of Emerging Market Finance Activated
19 Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis  Activated


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Emerald Management 200


Gale Cengage

Business insights: Global
Business insights: Essentials
 7. Indiastat   
 8. American Physical Society (APS)
 9. American Chemical Society (ACS)



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Arts & Photography


A History Of Architecture 2 Rural Architecture
3 Castles of England
4 The Seven Periods of English Architecture 5 Castles of England and Wales 6 A History Of Architecture on the Comparative Method
7 Second Home for Leisure Living 8 The Seven Lamps of Architecture 9 Architecture
10 Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering 11 The Picturesque Antiquities of Spain 12 The Practical Book of Architecture
13 Acoustics And Architecture 14 Cathedral Cities of Spain : 60 reproductions from  original water colours 15 CADD Primer
16 The Poetry of Architecture  17 American Urban Architecture : Catalysts in the Design Cities 18 Romantic Castle and Palaces : As Seen and Described by Famous Writers
19 A Text –book of the History of Architecture  20 Vitruvius : The Ten Books on Architecture 21 Vanishing England


1 Interior Decoration : Its Principles and Practice  2 Engraving : Its Origin, Processes, and History 3 Industrial Arts Design
4 Exploring Folk Art  5 Monograms and Ciphers  6 Principles of Decorative Design
 7 Furniture for The  Craftsman  8 First Principles of Symmetrical Beauty 9 Art, Design and Visual Thinking
 10 Woman as Decoration 11  Hand Book of Wood Engraving 12 Illustred History of Furniture
 13 Best of Farshchian         


Twentieth-Century American Drawing: Three Avant-Garde Generations 2 Drawing The Head and Hands 3 Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
4 Learn To Draw Portraits 5 Caricature and Other Comic Art 6 American Drawings
7 Blackboard Sketchings 8 The History of The Nineteenth Century in Caricature 9 Drawing for Beginners
10 The Art of Illustration 11 Constructive Anatomy 12 English Caricaturists
13 The Human Machine 14 Line and Form 15 Pen Drawing: an Illustrated Treatise
16 The Elements of Drawing  17 The Dore Gallery of Bible Illustrations 18 Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings
19 The Practice and Science of Drawing  20 The Art of Caricaturing 21 Men Without Guns: The Abbott Collection of Paintings of Army Medicine


Art of The Islamic World : A Resource for Educators 2 The Art of Chivalry 3 Ancient Chinese Art
4 The Principles of Aesthetics 5 History of Ancient Art 6 A History of Art in Ancient Egypt
7 Elements of Modern Painting 8 Famous European Artists 9 China, 5000 Years : Innovation and Transformation in The Art
10 American Abstract Expressionists and Imagists 11 Art of The Avant –Grade in Russia 12 Six Centuries of Painting 1300-1900
13 Modern Painting, Its Tendency and Meaning 14 A History of Art for Beginners and Students 15 Michelangelo
16 A History of Sculpture  17 House of Eternity : The Tomb of Nefertari 18 A Fable of Modern Art
19 The Art of Africa : A Resource for Educators  20 Knights of Art : Stories of The Italian Painters 21 The Art of South and Southeast Asia
22 Greek Art from Prehistoric to Classical 23 Islamic Art and Geometric Design : Activities for Learning 24 Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators
25 Roman Art : A Resource for Educators 26 The Art of Ancient Egypt 27 The Loves of Krishna In Indian Painting and Poetry
28 Pagan and Christian Rome 29 A Text-Book of The History of Painting