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Emerald Management 200


Gale Cengage

Business insights: Global
Business insights: Essentials
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 8. American Physical Society (APS)
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Arts & Photography


A History Of Architecture 2 Rural Architecture
3 Castles of England
4 The Seven Periods of English Architecture 5 Castles of England and Wales 6 A History Of Architecture on the Comparative Method
7 Second Home for Leisure Living 8 The Seven Lamps of Architecture 9 Architecture
10 Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering 11 The Picturesque Antiquities of Spain 12 The Practical Book of Architecture
13 Acoustics And Architecture 14 Cathedral Cities of Spain : 60 reproductions from  original water colours 15 CADD Primer
16 The Poetry of Architecture  17 American Urban Architecture : Catalysts in the Design Cities 18 Romantic Castle and Palaces : As Seen and Described by Famous Writers
19 A Text –book of the History of Architecture  20 Vitruvius : The Ten Books on Architecture 21 Vanishing England


1 Interior Decoration : Its Principles and Practice  2 Engraving : Its Origin, Processes, and History 3 Industrial Arts Design
4 Exploring Folk Art  5 Monograms and Ciphers  6 Principles of Decorative Design
 7 Furniture for The  Craftsman  8 First Principles of Symmetrical Beauty 9 Art, Design and Visual Thinking
 10 Woman as Decoration 11  Hand Book of Wood Engraving 12 Illustred History of Furniture
 13 Best of Farshchian         


Twentieth-Century American Drawing: Three Avant-Garde Generations 2 Drawing The Head and Hands 3 Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
4 Learn To Draw Portraits 5 Caricature and Other Comic Art 6 American Drawings
7 Blackboard Sketchings 8 The History of The Nineteenth Century in Caricature 9 Drawing for Beginners
10 The Art of Illustration 11 Constructive Anatomy 12 English Caricaturists
13 The Human Machine 14 Line and Form 15 Pen Drawing: an Illustrated Treatise
16 The Elements of Drawing  17 The Dore Gallery of Bible Illustrations 18 Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings
19 The Practice and Science of Drawing  20 The Art of Caricaturing 21 Men Without Guns: The Abbott Collection of Paintings of Army Medicine


Art of The Islamic World : A Resource for Educators 2 The Art of Chivalry 3 Ancient Chinese Art
4 The Principles of Aesthetics 5 History of Ancient Art 6 A History of Art in Ancient Egypt
7 Elements of Modern Painting 8 Famous European Artists 9 China, 5000 Years : Innovation and Transformation in The Art
10 American Abstract Expressionists and Imagists 11 Art of The Avant –Grade in Russia 12 Six Centuries of Painting 1300-1900
13 Modern Painting, Its Tendency and Meaning 14 A History of Art for Beginners and Students 15 Michelangelo
16 A History of Sculpture  17 House of Eternity : The Tomb of Nefertari 18 A Fable of Modern Art
19 The Art of Africa : A Resource for Educators  20 Knights of Art : Stories of The Italian Painters 21 The Art of South and Southeast Asia
22 Greek Art from Prehistoric to Classical 23 Islamic Art and Geometric Design : Activities for Learning 24 Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators
25 Roman Art : A Resource for Educators 26 The Art of Ancient Egypt 27 The Loves of Krishna In Indian Painting and Poetry
28 Pagan and Christian Rome 29 A Text-Book of The History of Painting